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HOA Experience Required – None, although previous experience serving on volunteer boards will be helpful.
Directors are required to attend three (3) meetings per month, two board meetings and one committee meeting.
Time commitment - 10-12 hours per month, in addition to the meetings, answering emails and phone calls, writing reports and meeting minutes and working on special projects.
If you are interested in serving your community please contact the Seven Lakes Landowners Association Office or Director Jared Fravel, Chairman of the Nominating Committee at

Available Director Spots – 3
Term – 2 years to begin in March, 2018


OCTOBER 1 West Side

New Board Directors Appointed

At the September 26th Board meeting, Carol Anderson was appointed to fill the position of Communications Director.  She will also be responsible for the Safety and Security Committee, including implementation of the new security systems.

On September 30th Renee Friar was appointed to fill the vacancy for Legal Director.  She will assume responsibilities immediately and be formally introduced at the October Board meeting.


Thank you to both of these members for filling these important positions.

A Compliance Issue: From the Office

Dogs off leash and their droppings are a significant problem.  Please refer to the referenced rules for dog leash requirements, and picking up after your pooch in our community!  


Judicial Panel

A SLWLA Judicial Committee was held on Thursday September 28, 2017 at 4:00. The violation was of Section 6.08 of the ARC Standards - Failure to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy and Certificate of Completion prior to moving personal property.  


It's your community!  Please volunteer.

The Finance Committee needs one or two more members to help in managing the Associations funds.  Some bookkeeping, accounting, budgeting  or finance experience is helpful, but any past business experience will be valuable to this important Committee. The Committee meets the third Wednesday of every month (in the afternoon) and there is minimal time requirement for special projects, as needed.

Please contact Mercedes Herdrich, our Finance Director, at if you can help.


Volunteers are also needed for the Communications team, to assist in creating information about community events and Board Committee projects. it is important the membership be updated about our community.  Writing and publishing skills a plus.

The Safety and Security Committee needs new volunteers.  Members with a background in law enforcement, security, and technology are requested to volunteer for the Security Committee to further the improvements to our community’s safety.

Contact Carol Anderson at for both Communications and Security Committee Volunteers.


Clubhouse Commons: The Final Report

Community Advocate Mick Herdrich presented the formal investigation report about the clubhouse commons to the Board and Community Members at the September SLWLA meeting. 

Community Pride on the West Side

September 26th Meeting


By Toni Lanni Staff Reporter

Seven Lakes West Landowners Association met September 26th at 7pm. After saying the Pledge of Allegiance, the newly elected President, Will Carpenter, spoke on having community pride and using  words appropriately. He says, “I am definitely a big picture guy, and we’re all here to talk about this community but we are all a part of the United States of America and we all should be proud of that and proud of where we live…” The meeting contained many Motions and reports but the common thread throughout the entire meeting was having pride; pride to protect, improve and enjoy the community of Seven Lakes West.


To bring everyone to a better understanding of protecting the community, a new director, Carol Anderson, was elected as the Communications Director and heads the Safety and Security Committee. She informed the members there is a new security system being put in place. A company called CVSI will be monitoring the camera footage and will alert necessary authorities in the event of an emergency. New cameras are being installed at the back gate, front gate, mail house and pool. In the near future there will be a transition from the bar code system to new RFID tags. Carol spoke on the tedious features of bringing this project to completion and requested everyone’s patience as plans are being completed and services are going online. “Plan the work and work the plan” is her motto. The board and the members were happy to hear the process that has been made and the path that Seven Lakes West is on to have better protection for the community.


The fact of the matter is no matter how many different opinions are in a room at any given time; almost all can agree that improving a community is a high priority for everyone’s list.  In lieu of recent events, the board has moved forward with following a strict layout for creating the General Meeting Agenda. The board also welcomes anyone who would like to volunteer and become a board member or request to be on a committee. As one member said, “we need more diversity in personalities to help everyone see the big picture.” Another member says, “We all have the power to serve.” What a powerful statement.  You as a community member have the power to help improve your community. As the President, Will Carpenter stated earlier in the meeting, “we should be…proud of where we live.”


Director Bob Van Houten wanted to give the Sportsman Club a special thank you, for lake patrol volunteering this season. As the lakes, damns, nature trails and roads are getting cleaned, patched and repaired, so should the relationships among the members of Seven Lakes West. Everyone has been welcomed to enjoy the JP Concert on October 6th at 7pm at the West Side Park.  


As this new season is upon us and brings in the cooler weather and swift breezes, let it also bring a new air of community for all members of Seven Lakes West.  By Toni Lanni





September 14th Meeting

By Toni Lanni, Staff Reporter


The Seven Lakes Landowners Association had their first of two monthly meetings on Thursday, September 14th. The Board Members present were President Rod Ansley, Community Manager Spencer Ferguson, Treasurer Kim Doolittle, Bob Racine of Community Standards, Steve Hudson of Security, David Withers with Lakes and Dams, Jared Fravel from Facilities and Grounds, and Dr. Ann Turner of the Architectural Review Board.  There was much conversation during the meeting; however the hot topics were speeding, the auctioning of lots, and the “Farewell to Summer” beach/pool celebration.


The residents of Seven Lakes have made it clear they are concerned about speeding. Steve Hudson made a motion to add two sets of speed bumps to Firetree Lane crossing Lake Echo. The board discussed the pros and cons of the speed bumps. After opening the motion for discussion to the floor, it became clear the majority were in favor of having a trial run with the speed bumps to attack the issue of speeding in our community. Joy Hamilton, a resident of Seven Lakes, explained to the board how she has watched speeding cars come by the school bus in the mornings when her children are leaving for school. She says, “In order to control the speeding, you need to go after people’s public appearance amongst their neighbors and their wallets.” Her suggestion was to take pictures of those who violate the speed regulations, make them public and fine them also. The board agreed to evaluate the speed bumps results at 30 and 90 days to see if an improvement has been made. At that time they will decide if additional speed bumps could benefit the community.


There was excitement for LOA members to learn that Seven Lakes has sold three lots in the community through auction. Due to this success, an additional five properties were approved to go to auction to help bring new families to the community. A listing of the approved properties will be posted on the Seven Lakes Community website. Please contact LOA with any questions regarding the upcoming auctions.


As summer comes to a close Rod Ansley encourages everyone to come and enjoy the “Farewell to Summer” celebration at the Beach/Clubhouse of the North side. September 23rd from 4pm to 7pm there will be hot dogs, hamburgers, and chips provided! Should the water be warm enough, there will be swim races and kayaking. Plenty of fun is to be had to enjoy your summer fun with your neighbors of Seven Lakes. If you would like to volunteer, please reach out to Leslie at the LOA office.


One thing to be said about the LOA meeting for Seven Lakes North and South…The residents of this fine community take pride in their homes, love their families, and want everyone to enjoy this safe environment we all call home.






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